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Using This Book You Can Train
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Get Strong As Russian Paratrooper.

ďHow a Different Approach to Fitness and Conditioning Will Catapult You Toward the Body and Health Youíve Always Dreamed AboutĒ

Dear Friend,

If youíve tried hundreds of different diets, spent thousands on gyms memberships and still donít have the body and health you deserve and if youíve been searching for the ultimate solution to all your health problems, look no more. Stop everything youíre doing. Turn off the phone. Lock the door. Allow no distractions. This may be the most important step in your entire life.

Why? Because youíre about to discover that there is a higher level of fitness, where you can solve all your health and fitness problems with a simple but powerful program, and that this program is just a step away from you. But before I discuss how this program is going to benefit you BIG time, let me tell you how it impacted me.

From early childhood I have been engaged in different kinds of sports: wrestling, running, gymnastics. I developed my body to the highest possible degree and fine-tuned it, so that I could feel what the effect of different exercises had on the body. And what is the most amazing is that I developed my body to its current degree WITHOUT weights. This was actually the practice that I got used to while serving in the Red Army in the Special Reconnaissance Squad of the Airborne Forces. When I first got there I was astounded how well developed and strong were the paratroopers there. Though I considered myself very strong Ė I was doing wrestling and was one of the toughest guys to wrestle with in our team, the guys in the squad were mind-blowing. They ran with 30kg ammunition 10km at full speed, made 15 one-arm chin-ups fully armed, made tens of one-arm pushups. When later I tried these exercises with the strongest bodybuilders and powerlifters, no one of them could repeat these exercises, not one! But I made all their feats of strength easily, with the same weights that the strongest of them did. So, when I first saw these paratroopers I couldnít even imagine that in time I would be as strong as they. But did I become as strong as them and even stronger, I became the strongest paratrooper in all our Airborne Forces.

But that time was almost the last time when I made comparisons and competed. When I became the strongest in the Forces the strange thing happened: I became so self-confident that from that time on I didnít need to prove my strength to anybody. I already became an eternal winner. And since then I am competing only with myself of yesterday, I set higher and higher goals for myself and reach them. Now I mastered these exercises to such degree that besides being incredibly strong, I am also healthy 200%. When recently, at the age of 37, I underwent the computerized checkup the readings showed that my inner age is indeed 28 years. You cannot say the same about modern bodybuilders, who look and are at least 10 years older than their actual age. I never knew what traumas and injures are, this is because I have ultimate functional strength, my body is developed from every conceivable angle, I am very flexible despite my strong built, I donít know the feeling of fatigue, I can run the whole day without stop. Once I did squats for 2 straight hours and pushups for 30 minutes without stopping. With every passing day I feel stronger and younger. Now my health is not just good, it is fantastically good!

And now I want you to be as healthy and strong as I. To do this is very simple: you just need to follow my proven program for 15-20 minutes a day and in very short time you will get the same fantastic strength and radiant health as I have and will be looking much younger and more beautiful.

Who is my program for?
  • Itís for those who are not satisfied with their health and want to be healthier.
  • Itís for the people who want to be physically strong and could not get it from conventional bodybuilding programs.
  • Itís for people who work the whole day and donít have much time to spend in the gym.
  • Itís for those who feel that they deserve to be stronger and to have more health but donít know how.
  • And ITíS FOR the men and women who are sick and tired of doing bodybuilding routines, which donít bring what they promise to bring.
15 Ways my program will change your life!

Follow my program and your life will change BIG time, as it changed for me and all the people who followed my program. Though it has literally hundreds of powerful benefits, Iíve made a list of 15 of the most powerful ones. Letís take a look:

  • You can have a strong and powerful body doing my program for as much as 15 minutes per day.
  • The fat will start really melting off your body and reveal new you: slimmer and younger.
  • You will start advancing in life at the speed of light with the increased energy from my program.
  • You will become calmer and more tolerant; your self-confidence will go through the roof.
  • You will have the courage and energy to live life at its fullest and make it a WONDERFUL ADVENTURE!
  • You will get a wonderful six-pack abs.
  • Your flexibility will double and thus you will feel energized beyond belief.
  • You will forget about feeling tired.
  • You will have endurance and stamina to go through the busiest day.
  • You will know the secret training exercises of Russian Paratroopers that will make you stronger than any guy working with weights.
  • The program is so simple that anyone with any level of preparedness can follow it.
  • You will find out the advanced program that will give you big and strong muscles but functional at the same time, something that you will never get with bodybuilding programs.
  • You will develop a power of focus, which will help you in any field of your life. You will sleep all night like a baby and forget the word ďstressĒ.
  • You will have so much energy and optimism that you will start giving it away and become the center of attention.

So there you have it. The 15 reasons why my program is #1 program on the planet and the only one that really works.

Even Fifteen Minutes a Day Bring Magnificent Results!

Unlike other programs where you have very difficult moves and need to go the gym to use the equipment my program doesnít need it. You can do all the exercises at home, save money on the gym and get into fantastic shape. And what is the most amazing it takes only 15 minutes a day to spend on these exercises to start getting results.

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